Sports massage

Sports massage is similar in many ways to holistic (also known as Swedish or beauty) massage, but there are also differences.  Holistic massage generally follows a set routine with an emphasis on relaxation. Sports massage, on the other hand, focuses on problem areas and works deeper into them.

Sports massage for chronic muscle tightness

There are many reasons why you might have tension in your muscles:

  • Bad posture and poor movement patterns
  • Repetitive movements
  • Previous injury
  • Being in the same position for long periods each day
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Frequent lifting and carrying, especially if this is asymmetrical, for example a bag on one shoulder or a child supported by one arm
  • Sport and fitness activities
  • Deep tissue massage can help to relieve tension and break down muscle fibre adhesions.  This is most effective when combined with a program of exercise and stretching to re-balance the affected muscles.

Maintenance massage

Most people will benefit from regular massage to offset the effects of our daily lives.  Very few people have a lifestyle which is ideal for muscle balance and body alignment. Even if there are no problems with tightness and discomfort, massage can help to keep your muscles functioning well.

What happens in a sports massage therapy session

The session will always start with finding out how you are and whether you have any particular problems you need treating.  This will be followed by an assessment of the problem, followed by massage and stretching of any associated muscles.

Massage combined with corrective exercise

If you have persistent problems with muscle tightness, aches and pains etc. then you would benefit more from a combined massage and corrective exercise program.  Massage will relieve the tightness, but if you continue to have bad posture and/or movement patterns, it will only be temporary relief.  This is something that I can advise you on when you come for your first massage session.


40 minute session £25
60 minute session £35

Initial sessions are always 60 minutes to allow time for notes and assessment

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