Hot stones massage

Hot stones massage is carried out with basalt stones, heated in hot water. The therapist holds the stones in the palms of her hands and glides them over the client’s skin. The heat of the stones increases blood supply and helps muscles to relax. Working into muscles to release tension and knots is easier if the muscles are warm from the stones. The edges of the stones or specially shaped trigger point stones can be used to work a little deeper into the muscles. If you have bad tension around your neck and shoulders, you can also choose to have a combination of deep tissue and hot stone massage – see below for details.

The feelings of comfort and warmth that the stones give can also help to promote physical and mental relaxation. It’s particularly good for relieving stress and anxiety, as well as sleep problems caused by the inability to relax and switch off.

Whether you want to just have a “feel good” massage, or you want help with letting go and relaxing, or you have muscle aches and pains you want sorting out, a hot stones massage is beneficial.

Combining hot stones with deep tissue massage

If you like the relaxing effect of the hot stones but have a few problem areas that need deeper work, you can choose a back and shoulder combination treatment. This consists of:

  • Warm up with stones 25 minutes
  • Deep tissue massage 20 minutes
  • Relaxation with stones to finish 15 minutes

Treatments available and pricing

Hot stones massage in Springfield, Chelmsford

Back and shoulder hot stones massage (45 minutes treatment) £30

Full body hot stones massage (1 hour 15 minutes treatment) £45

Back and shoulder hot stones and deep tissue combination (60 minutes treatment) £38

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Facebook reviews

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    March 5, 2023

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    June 6, 2022

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    April 1, 2022
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    March 30, 2022

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    September 25, 2021

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    March 5, 2020
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    January 22, 2020

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