Remedial massage therapy for women

Remedial massage therapy Chelmsford

Body Benefits operates from my home therapy room in Chelmer Village. I offer 3 main remedial massage therapies:

Deep tissue massage

Remedial massage Chelmsford - deep tissue massage

Deep tissue massage can help to release tension and separate muscle fibres that have become stuck together.  This relieves muscle aches and pains, together with any related symptoms.  It also frees up movement and has a general stress relieving effect.  If there are soft tissue injuries, then deep tissue massage can promote healing by flushing the area with fresh blood. Read more about deep tissue massage.

Hot stones massage

Stone therapy

Hot stones massage is carried out with basalt stones, heated in hot water. The therapist holds the stones in the palms of her hands and glides them over the client’s skin. The heat of the stones increases blood supply and helps muscles to relax. Working into muscles to release tension and knots is easier if the muscles are warm from the stones. If the client wants deeper work in some areas, this can be done with the edges of the stones or trigger point stones. Read more about hot stones massage.

Aromatherapy massage

aromatherapy massage chelmsford

Aromatherapy is the practice of using essential oils  from plants to benefit health and well being.  Essential oils have various health benefits, depending on which plant they come from.  Unlike many alternative therapies, aromatherapy has a basis in science. It’s well established that the chemical components of the oils have beneficial properties.  In fact, some oils are used in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals. However, as with all alternative therapies, how effective they are varies from person to person. Read more about aromatherapy massage.

What is remedial massage?

Remedial massage is any massage that addresses a particular problem. While Swedish massage (also known as holistic or beauty massage) follows a set pattern, remedial massage therapies will focus on areas of tension that are causing pain, discomfort or restricted movement.

Who would benefit from these services

Please note that I only treat female clients.

Few people use their bodies in a way that is ideal for muscle and joint health and have no muscle tension or imbalances. So most people would benefit from remedial massage therapy.  However, you would definitely benefit if you:

  • know you have bad posture
  • have low back problems and/or neck and shoulder tension
  • feel that some of your muscles are tight/stiff
  • exercise regularly and keep getting pain or injuries
  • have a desk or driving job
  • do a job or leisure activity which involves a lot of repetitive movement
  • do a job which involves heavy lifting


Deep tissue and hot stones massage can both optionally include aromatherapy oils at no extra cost.

Deep tissue back & shoulder or leg massage 45 minute treatment £25
Deep tissue full body massage 1 hour 15 minute treatment £40
Hot stones back & shoulder or leg massage 45 minute treatment £30
Deep tissue full body massage 1 hour 15 minute treatment £45

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About me

I’ve been working as a remedial massage therapist since 2019, after qualifying in sports massage and hot stones massage. I also have a background in fitness instruction, including Pilates, which helps me to understand muscle imbalances and the problems they cause.

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