Massage for tension headaches

Headaches are a common problem and are not usually an indication of a serious health issue. Even so, they can make you feel very unwell and frequent headaches can impact on your quality of life. Although there are other causes of headaches, the most common reason is tension in the muscles of the shoulders and neck. Massage for tension headaches focuses on releasing the tension in these areas.

Massage for tension headaches in Chelmsford

What causes shoulder and neck tension?

This tension may be caused by:

Many people hold on to tension in their neck and shoulders all the time. Some days they are particularly tense and this is when headaches occur. Other people may have occasional tension that leads to headaches.

Massage for tension headaches – how it helps

Whether you have occasional tension, or chronic tension, neck and shoulder massage can help.

Massage helps muscles to fully relax and release the tension. It can also break down muscle “knots”. The correct name for these is adhesions and they are where muscle fibres become stuck together, due to extended periods of tension. When someone suffers from frequent tension headaches, there are usually several adhesions in the muscles of the upper back, shoulders and neck.

Having a massage can give instant relief to headaches and regular massage is effective in keeping the neck and shoulder area tension free, therefore preventing headaches. The headache massage treatment focuses on the areas around the shoulder blades, the top of the shoulders, and the back and sides of the neck.

Book a massage for tension headaches relief/prevention

A tension headache massage is a 45 minute treatment and costs £25.

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