Deep tissue massage

Deep tissue massage is similar in many ways to holistic (also known as Swedish or beauty) massage, but there are also differences.  Holistic massage generally follows a set routine and with an emphasis on relaxation. Deep tissue massage, on the other hand, focuses on problem areas and uses deep tissue techniques to work into the muscles.

Deep tissue massage for chronic muscle tightness

There are many reasons why you might have tension in your muscles:

  • Bad posture and poor movement patterns
  • Repetitive movements
  • Previous injury
  • Being in the same position for long periods each day
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Frequent lifting and carrying, especially if this is asymmetrical, for example a bag on one shoulder or a child supported by one arm
  • Sport and fitness activities

Deep tissue massage can help to release tension and separate muscle fibres that have become stuck together.  This relieves muscle aches and pains, together with any related symptoms.  It also frees up movement and has a general stress relieving effect.  If there are soft tissue injuries, then massage can promote healing by flushing the area with fresh blood.

Maintenance massage

Most people will benefit from regular massage to offset the effects of our daily lives.  Very few people have a lifestyle which is ideal for muscle balance and body alignment. Even if there are no problems with tightness and discomfort, massage can help to keep your muscles working well.

What happens in a massage therapy session

The session will always start with finding out how you and what you are hoping the session will achieve.  This will include finding out more about any specific problems you may want treating.  The actual massage treatment takes up most of the session, with a few minutes at the end to go through any stretches and/or exercises that might be helpful to you.

Aromatherapy massage chelmsford

Massage using aromatherapy oils

The various benefits of massage can be enhanced with the use of aromatherapy oils.  I have a range of pre-blended massage oils and waxes that I can use if this is something you would like.  Find out more about aromatherapy massage here.


40 minute session £25
60 minute session £35

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