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Deep tissue massage

deep tissue massage chelmsford

Deep tissue massage is similar in many ways to holistic (also known as Swedish or beauty) massage, but there are also differences.  Holistic massage generally follows a set routine and with an emphasis on relaxation. Deep tissue massage, on the other hand, focuses on problem areas and uses deep tissue techniques to work into the muscles. Choose this treatment if you have bad muscle tension, especially in your upper back and shoulders, or if you get tension headachesREAD MORE

Hot stones massage

hot stones massage chelmsford

Hot stones massage is carried out with basalt stones, heated in hot water. The therapist holds the stones in the palms of her hands as she carries out the massage. The heat of the stones increases blood supply and helps muscles to relax. Working deep into muscles to release tension and knots is easier if the muscles are warm from the stones. The feelings of comfort and warmth that the stones give can also help to promote physical and mental relaxation. It’s a relaxing and enjoyable treatment that’s good for treating stress, anxiety and sleep problems. READ MORE

Aromatherapy massage

aromatherapy massage chelmsford

Aromatherapy is the practice of using essential oils  from plants to benefit health and well being.  Essential oils have various health benefits, depending on which plant they come from. Using essential oils can enhance the benefits of your massage. Depending on which oils are used they can help to:

Reduce tension in muscles
Soothe aching muscles
Promote a feeling of calm and wellbeing
Reduce stress and anxiety
Encourage healing of muscle damage
Invigorate the body and mind
Aid relaxation and sleep
Improve skin tone and encourage healthy skin cell renewal
Assist lymphatic drainage
Boost the immune system

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