Reduced pain, injury and muscle tightness

Corrective exercise programs and sports massage therapy can help to reduce muscle and joint pain, sports injury and muscle tightness.  When we have good body alignment and good movement patterns, this minimises the stress we put on our joints.  Also, when our muscles are in balance and we don’t have excessive muscle tension, we move more freely and are less prone to injury.

Re-balancing the body to avoid aches, pains and sports injury

Everyone has different problems with body alignment and in fact very few people have ideal body alignment. There are numerous lifestyle factors that cause bad habits to develop. But most problems come down to some muscles being weak and under-used while others are over-tight.  So corrective programs need to work on balancing this out and developing better movement patterns.

What we can do about muscle tightness

Stretching increases muscle fibre length over time.  However, it’s not very effective at releasing tension and adhesions within the muscle.  This is where massage helps.  Deep tissue massage breaks down the adhesions and releases tension, allowing the muscles to move in an unrestricted and pain-free way.

What we can do about muscle weakness

All muscles have the ability to become stronger with training.  Once we know which muscles are weakened, it’s just a case of choosing the right exercises to strengthen them up.

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