Massage therapy in Chelmsford

Massage therapist Chelmsford

Body Benefits is based in Chelmer Village, where I have a massage therapy room and a fitness room to go through exercises/stretches if required.

60 minutes deep tissue massage £35
40 minutes deep tissue massage £25
30 minutes aromatherapy massage taster (new customers only) £20

Massage can include use of pre-blended aromatherapy oils and waxes if required – learn more about aromatherapy massage here.

Who would benefit from these services

Few people use their bodies in a way that is ideal for muscle and joint health and have no muscle tension or imbalances. So most people would benefit from massage and some stretching and strengthening exercises.  However, you would definitely benefit if you:

  • know you have bad posture
  • have low back problems and/or neck and shoulder tension
  • feel that some of your muscles are tight/stiff
  • exercise regularly and keep getting pain or injuries
  • aren’t getting the results you want from your sport or fitness training
  • need to get back into shape after having a baby
  • have a desk or driving job
  • do a job or leisure activity which involves a lot of repetitive movement
  • do a job which involves heavy lifting

About me

I’ve been a group fitness instructor and personal trainer for over 20 years and have more recently qualified as a massage therapist.  I believe that it’s important to keep muscles in balance and tension free.  If you don’t do this, you’ll have pain and injury, as well as poor results from sport and fitness training. My aim is to help people keep their bodies working at their best.

Aromatherapy massage Chelmsford

Fitness trainer and massage therapist qualifications:

Level 2 
YMCA/RSA Exercise to Music Instructor
YMCA Gym Instructor

Level 3
Central YMCA Qualification (CYQ) Pilates Matwork Instructor
VCTC Sports Massage Therapist

Level 4
Cert Higher Ed (University of Bedfordshire) Personal Trainer
Cert Higher Ed (Open University) in Sport and Fitness

FitPro Speciality module
Ante and Post natal program design