4 ways to get a discounted treatment

Regular prices are:
£35 for a one hour treatment
£25 for a 40 minute treatment

But there are a few ways you can get a discount off the full price:

#1 Sign up for the newsletter

You’ll get a 20% discount off your next appointment when you sign up.  The newsletter goes out about once a month with updates on services and health and fitness tips.

After you sign up, you’ll get an e-mail asking for a one-click confirmation of your subscription.  Once you’ve confirmed, you’ll get another e-mail with your discount code.  If you don’t see the e-mail check your junk folder (it shouldn’t go in there, but some filters are very strict).

#2 Refer your friends & family

Refer a friend

Ask me for a referral card when you come to your appointment.  The person you refer will get a half price massage and so will you the next time you come.

#3 Pay in advance

You can get a discount by paying for a block of treatments in advance.  You don’t need to book all the appointments in advance – you can still book one appointment at a time.  The prices for advance payment are:

3 x 1 hour treatments £100 / 3 x 40 minute treatments £70
5 x 1 hour treatments £160 / 5 x 40 minute treatments £110

#4 Re-book at your appointment

If you book your next appointment in before you leave, you’ll get a 10% discount off the price. (Please note – the discount only applies to the time slot booked – if you reschedule then the full price applies.)

Find out more or make appointment

To find out more or book, you can call, text, e-mail or direct message me on Instagram:

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You can also view appointments and book on my Facebook page:

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