More effective sport and fitness training

People are often disappointed with the results they get from sport and fitness training. Maybe you’re working really hard in the gym but don’t feel like your body shape is improving.  Or you may be training hard to improve your running time, for example, but just keep getting injured.  Your lack of success could be due to problems with poor posture, muscle imbalances and poor movement control.

If you have problems with body alignment and muscle imbalances  ordinary training programs won’t do anything to improve this. (Most people do have problems to some extent – read more about why here.) In fact, exercise will probably make them worse, because you’ll be applying more force to your joints and muscles.

It’s the way that you do it

So many exercises are ineffective if you don’t do them with good form.  Muscles that are already tight and short just get tighter and shorter, while the weak muscles stay weak.

If you’re training for performance (better speed for example), then it’s likely you’re putting a lot of load or impact through your joints.  If you do this with bad joint alignment and poor movement control, you’re at high risk of injury.  Injury just compounds the problem.  Firstly, you have to use compensatory movements to avoid the injury site.  This can lead to developing further muscle imbalances. Secondly, unless the injury rehab is well managed, you will end up with inflexible scar tissue which will make muscle imbalance even worse.

Similarly, if you’re exercising to try to tone up and improve your body shape, you won’t get good results if your body is out of balance.  If you get frustrated at your lack of improvement and start working harder, then you will just increase the chance of injury.

Break the cycle and improve your fitness training

It’s never too late.  With good exercise technique, you can focus on your weak muscles and build them up.  Massage and stretching will help to correct muscle shortness, tension and fibre adhesion. Even scar tissue can be broken down and realigned.

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